P T Narendran

It has been a privilege to work with one of the stalwarts in the art form of Bharatanatyam. P T Narendran has been very kind-hearted to have accepted our request to preside on the Advisory committee of Nandi Kalagram. It is a privilege to have him on Board to show us the path. He acts a beacon to us at all times and we have been considering and implenting his advise from the beginning and we will continue to do so. We thank him from the bottom of our hearts and we pray that he continues to guide us in our small effort to preserve and promote Art at our humble abode.

Anand K Nair

A high-octane transformational speaker, Anand K Nair, Founder of Anand Nair Leadership Foundation, delivers proven solutions for empowerment and leadership that emerge out of ‘Powers Within’. His mission: to empower people and organizations to achieve sustainable success by embarking on journeys within oneself. As a popular keynote speaker he combines inspiration with insight in his charismatic style to emotionally bond with his audiences, while his energizing sessions stimulate the participants to transform their innate verves into positive energies to create intense desires for success and personal fulfilment. From a fledgling Management Trainee in the early 80’s to a seasoned CEO of a large multi – crore organization, Anand K. Nair always travelled that extra mile. Every milestone was a lesson in transpersonal leadership, entrepreneurial skills, and compassionate man management.